VrWeld gives you the ability to understand how the distortion, residual stress and microstructure in your welded structure depends on
your welding procedure, fixtures, and sequencing. VrWeld enables you to optimize the design of your welded structures and your welding

GTI's mission is to provide you with the best software for the analysis and the optimal design of experiments for welding, welds, and
welded structures. VrWeld analyses are 3D transient coupled nonlinear models for the structure and the welding process. VrWeld strives
to capture as much of the important physics and mechanics of the process of welding a structure as possible.

What do you, a potential VrWeld client, need to get started running analyses with VrWeld to analyze and optimize your welds and welded

One choice is running VrWeld on a Virtual Machine(VM). In this case, VrWeld runs on our servers and the Graphical User Interface (GUI)
runs on your computer. READ MORE

The other choice is to buy a right-to-use node-locked license to run VrWeld on your computer. In this case, you must install VrWeld software
on your computer. READ MORE

We have a list of the top ten reasons for using VrWeld to analyze and optimize your welds and welded structures. Check them out!